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[icon] The Boys From Tennessee - Chapter 58 - For the Fans of Lost
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Subject:The Boys From Tennessee - Chapter 58
Time:11:04 pm
The Boys From Tennessee
Rating: R  
Author: Chissy_Rose
Author’s Notes/Disclaimer: They’re not mine, I don’t own them. No infringement intended.
The Boys From Tennessee
Chapter 58 (58/60) Short chapter.
A Few Bones To Pick

Late that evening after supper, Peter sat out by the campfire occasionally throwing a piece of wood on the fire. Most of the camp had already turned in for the evening. Sawyer had turned in early too. Peter was feeling antsy and had decided to stay up. Kate came by and sat down beside him to talk a while. She asked him how he was doing and he said he was okay, other than not seeing Jack much.
He hooked Kate’s curiosity. “Did you break up then? You haven’t been sleeping together have you?” she asked.
“We’ve been takin’ a break. Libby suggested that we cool it for a while so Jack and I both could get our heads straightened out. We’ve both been talkin’ to her some separately, but it’s mostly just upsetting me.”
“Why is it upsetting you? Are you talking about your past or does she want you do to something with your relationships now?” Kate asked quietly. She didn’t want her voice carrying very far, realizing most people had gone to sleep.
“Some of both. She thinks Jack and Sawyer both are too old for me. Thinks I oughta have a romantic relationship with somebody my age.” Peter sucked his lip, just remembering that Kate didn’t know his real age. He stared into the fire, fearing she’d know the truth.
“You’re my age aren’t you? She thinks they’re too old? Why would she think that?”
Peter sighed softly. “I’m younger than you Kate, that’s why. People think I’m older cause I look and act older. I’ve been through so much. But shit… you, Claire and Charlie are probably the closest age-wise to me, and they’re a couple.”
Kate smiled, “So she thinks we oughta be a couple cause we’re closer in age?”
Peter blushed. “I’m sure she does. She thinks I let them both take advantage of me and that I’ve already let them push me too far or torture me. She’s worried I’d let them permanently hurt me or even kill me. But I know both of them better than that. They’d never take it that far. Sawyer and I have already reined things back in some. They both love me and I love the both of them.”
“So are you going back to Jack and keep doing BDSM or are you going to break up with him?”
“Christ Kate. I don’t want to break up with him. We still gotta talk about stuff and he’s got to rebuild my trust, but I’ve forgiven him mostly. I miss him tremendously and wanna go back to doing BDSM if he’ll not go past my limits and we use the safeword. I want him so damn much. I still fuckin’ love him.”
“I’m glad you still love me Peter.” Jack’s voice came from behind them causing them both to jump. Jack walked up slowly and sat down on the log behind Peter. “Scoot forward and let me sit down behind you.” Jack sat down on the ground and pulled Peter back against him gently. Kate scooted further away.
“How long were you back there listening Jack?” Kate looked conflicted, she couldn’t decide whether to be angry at Jack or not.
“I apologize for not speaking up, but I’d have paid a million dollars to have heard what Peter just said.” Jack snuggled against Peter and watched Kate’s face.
“You know you really shouldn’t eavesdrop private conversations Jack – it’s rude.”
“I said I was sorry Kate. I can’t undo it, but I really needed to hear what Peter had to say.”
“I don’t know what to make of you or Peter either. I just don’t get really hurting somebody you love. You’re a doctor Jack, you’re not supposed to cause pain – you’re supposed to heal it. You really hurt Peter that afternoon.”
“And Peter and Sawyer are the only ones here that understand what I need Kate. I spend my life 24/7 doing and being what everyone else on this island wants me to be. I’m safe with Peter and Sawyer to be and get what I need and to give them what they need. Don’t begrudge me that Kate. I’m not looking for that anywhere else but I’m not hiding what I feel towards them any more. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to have anything to do with me. I’m still the doctor and I’m not going to let my lifestyle change that, but all I’m asking in return is acceptance of me and my lovers.”
“Well that’s quite a ‘coming out’ speech Doc. I’m just finding out all kinds of things tonight.” Sawyer sat down on the ground to their left against the same log Jack was leaning against.
Jack’s blush was apparent even by the firelight. “How long have you been listening Sawyer?”
“Well, you know my tent isn’t twenty-five feet away, so it ain’t hard for me to overhear things at this campfire. I was getting dressed to come out here and check on Pete when I heard Kate start talking to him. Once they got going, I was like you – I wanted to hear what Peter had to say too.”
Peter covered both his eyes and shook his head. “There is just no privacy on this island. None at all.” Kate shook her head in agreement. Sawyer and Jack looked at each other, and raised their eyebrows. Kate stood up to leave and Peter looked up at her, “Kate are you okay?” She nodded yes and looked embarrassed somehow.
Jack spoke up. “How are you with the three of us Kate? Are things between us okay?”
“I’m still a little pissed with you and Sawyer both Jack, but if Peter can forgive both of you then I guess I can too. I think you all need to lighten up and not be so rough with each other, especially with Peter. Treat him like a lover, not like his old man did. I’m turning in now. Goodnight.” All three men winced at her words. Jack felt Peter stiffen in his arms and knew what she’d said disturbed him. Kate walked back and disappeared into her tent.
Sawyer moved over much closer to Jack and Peter so they wouldn’t be overheard. “I still got a few bones to pick with you Jack.”
“I knew you would. I knew you’d be pissed,” Jack said quietly. Peter moved as though thinking about getting up. “Stay here Peter, don’t go please.” Peter sighed and stayed still.
“I’m pissed with you on a couple of accounts. Pete said you wouldn’t let him use a safeword. You know that ain’t kosher Doc. We gotta use one or we’ll just continue to push too far. Plus whoever is bottoming has got to have that control.”
“You mean like you’ve gone too far in the past?”
“I deserve that, but I know where I stepped over the line and I got that straight with Pete. We’re talking about you now. Are you gonna agree that we all use a safeword and abide by it?”
Jack shook his head yes, “Yes I agree. I know I pushed Peter too far last week and didn’t let him have a safeword. I might push just as far some other time, but I’ll let him or you have that control. And I’ll expect the same from you.”
“No more whipping across the face or neck Jack. What the hell were you thinking? Don’t hurt him and mark him up like that.”
“I know it was stupid. I’m real sorry, but I can’t take it back any more than you can take back when you squeezed his testicles and turned them black and blue. I wanted to fight you then but he stopped me.” Peter dropped his head back down on his arms and knees, “Oh Christ please!”
Sawyer let out a heavy sigh. “I got one last bone to pick with you Jack. Did he beg you not to fuck him?” The affirmative was written all over Jack’s face along with regret.
Now Jack sighed. “Yeah he did and I’ve already asked him for forgiveness and told him how sorry I am.” Jack rubbed Peter’s shoulder and neck.
“So why’d you do it then? Was it to get back at me?”
“I was so livid at Peter for doing it. I’d told him to wait till he got healed, and then Kate told me you’d seduced him in the jungle and made her watch you fuck him. And you said shit like only your cock satisfies him. You both pissed me off. I was waiting for both of you, but then Peter came back by himself and you didn’t show up right away. He’d promised to give me anything I wanted – just name it, and in my stressed state of mind, that’s what I wanted.”
“Next time you get that damned pissed – you take it up with both of us. Don’t put it all on Pete. You know that was one of the worst things you coulda done to him. He said no and you fucked him and tore him up. You should have been here that night. He cried himself to sleep in my arms.” 
Jack felt distressed from knowing that he’d caused Peter to weep. “I regret doing it. I hate that I hurt you so deeply Peter.” Jack paused briefly. “How are things with you and me Peter? You know I’ve talked with Libby three times now and it has helped give me some insight. I promise I’ll abide by the safeword from now on. Do you think we can ever get back to doing BDSM? You know I’ve really been missing you…”
Peter thought for a moment. “I’ve still got to build up trust with you again Jack. I’ve mostly forgiven you but when we have sex I think we’re gonna need to start back vanilla. We’ll have to work back up to where we were before this happened. I wanna get back together again.”
Jack sighed and smiled, “You have no idea how glad that makes me feel. I’ll do whatever you want to restore your trust in me. I don’t know if I’m gonna make it two more weeks or not though.”
“You don’t have to wait that long Jack if you don’t wanna wait. Sawyer and I are having sex again and I did okay. Just don’t let Libby know. She’ll be all over my case and yours too.” Peter ran his hands through his hair and sucked on his lower lip.
Jack nodded, “I guess I should head back to the hatch now and let you both go back to bed.”
“Why, don’t you sleep the rest of the night with us here? Isn’t Locke holding down the hatch?”
“Sawyer, please, you’re not thinkin’ about hurtin’… I don’t think I could handle it if you…” Peter’s eyes were pleading.
“I ain’t gonna lay a hand on Jack. It was an invite to sleep. He’s already here and daylights probably only 4 hours off. I just thought…”
“Okay, I’ll bunk with you guys for the rest of the night, but I’ll have to leave in the morning to head back to the hatch.”
“Fine. We’ll put Peter in the middle. He seems to like it there best.” Sawyer stood up and helped them both up and they headed back to Sawyer’s tent for the night. Peter had mixed feelings but mostly was glad about Jack sleeping in the tent with them. He’d missed Jack. 
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[icon] The Boys From Tennessee - Chapter 58 - For the Fans of Lost
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