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[icon] The Boys From Tennessee Rating: NC17 M/M slash. Oral & anal… - For the Fans of Lost
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The Boys From Tennessee
Rating: NC17 M/M slash. Oral & anal sex. Voyeurism. Masturbation. 
Author: Chissy_Rose
Pairing: Jack/Peter, Sawyer/Peter
Author’s Notes/Disclaimer: They’re not mine, I don’t own them. No infringement intended.

The Boys From Tennessee
Chapter 59 (59/60)
The Real Truth Is…


 Peter, Jack and Sawyer went into Sawyer’s tent and got undressed. Peter lay down between Sawyer and Jack. Peter felt Jack lay up against him and he felt Jack’s erection against his rear. Jack moved his hands slowly down Peter’s chest and abdomen.

 “Can I get you off Peter? I don’t want you to reciprocate; I just want to get you off this time.”  Peter’s breathing picked up rapidly as he thought about it. Jack was trying to make amends without putting any pressure on him.

 “What do ya want to do Jack?”

 “Blowjob ‘til I make you come Pete. Just don’t go calling out names, we’re too close by other tents.” Jack’s hand was lightly caressing his cock and balls now.

 “How can I say anything but okay with you touching me like that?” Peter whispered back quietly.

 Sawyer was getting back up out of the bed stepping over them, “I’m gonna light a couple small oil lamps and I’m comin’ back. I wanna watch y’all.”

 “Pervert!” Jack whispered. Sawyer grinned back at him.

 “Roll over and lie on your back Pete, and spread your legs,” Jack said quietly. “You okay with this?”

 “Yeah, I am. Make me come Jack.”

Jack ran both his hands over Peter’s body, teasing him with light caresses. He took Peter’s face in his hands and kissed him slowly. He was glad to feel Peter responding to his kisses. He ran his tongue across his face, down his neck to his collarbone where he kissed 3 or 4 times. Peter moaned quietly, moving to Jack’s attentions. Jack ran his fingers over his nipples and pinched them playfully. Peter arched up against him, pressing his hard-on against Jack’s side. Jack offered Peter two fingers on his left hand. “Suck on them, wet ‘em up good.”

Peter licked Jack’s fingers and began pulling them in and out of his mouth like he was giving them a blow-job. This time Sawyer moaned quietly and took his own cock in his hands and began stroking it while watching them. After a couple of minutes Jack dropped his left hand down to Peter’s ass and slicked them across his entrance. He slowly but firmly pushed his thumb into Peter, grabbing his ass with the rest of his hand. Peter let out a gasp, it felt good but different. Jack started working it in and out faster as he bent over and took Peter’s cock firmly in his right hand, stroking it up and down slowly. He licked Peter’s balls and ran his mouth all around them. Peter arched up underneath him at the sensation. “Oh God that’s good!” he said breathily.

 Jack took his cock in his mouth and ran his mouth up and down it, wetting it well. He spit into his hand and stroked Peter’s cock up and down running his hand over the head as he continued to lick and caress his balls. He pulled out his thumb and inserted his two fingers. Peter moaned again quietly. It was making him nuts having to be so quiet. Jack was really working his fingers in and out of him now, when he ran them across his prostate. “Oh God… fuck!” Peter panted loudly open-mouth; it was the only way he hadn’t screamed loud enough to wake up the whole camp. Jack continued to finger fuck him as he ran his mouth up and down his cock. Peter looked so great when he had an orgasm Jack thought. He angled his hand again searching for it. He held Peter’s cock tightly at the base as he sucked the beautiful head of his cock. He knew he’d run across it again when he felt Peter’s ass clench around his fingers. Peter’s whole body had arched and tensed with this one; he’d had a harder time being quiet.

 “Let me shoot my cum next one, please… I wanna cum now.” Peter begged quietly.

 “Okay, I’m gonna suck you dry. You come for me.” Jack continued to slide his fingers in and out and began sucking on his cock in earnest. It didn’t take long before Peter came in white hot intense waves, his cry soft and high as he tried to not wake the others. Sawyer moaned and came too as he watched Jack suck Peter’s cock and swallow his cum. Jack licked every bit of the cum from him before pulling the sheet back up on them and kissing Peter slowly and lovingly. Jack snuggled to him and whispered that he loved him. Sawyer wiped himself off and lay up next to Peter on the other side, also giving him a kiss.

 “I love you too Jack. That was wonderful.” Peter whispered to Jack and then to Sawyer, “Love you too Sawyer.”  This was the most relaxed he’d felt in a long time. He wished it could always be like this. It didn’t take long before the afterglow of sex turned into slumber.

 When he woke in the morning, Jack was already gone and it was still dark outside. Peter was glad Jack had gotten up before any of the others were stirring. He didn’t want it getting back to Libby that Jack had spent the night with them. He was lying up against Sawyer and could feel his own morning hard-on between them. He decided it was Sawyer’s turn to be on bottom. He got on-top of Sawyer a little more and began a slow thrusting motion against him. Sawyer stirred awake. “Hmmm. You must have woken up horny boy,” Sawyer mumbled and then moaned. He was waking up faster.

 “I wanna fuck you Sawyer. Will you let me fuck you?” Peter whispered urgently.

Sawyer nodded yes and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Peter started working on him right away. He ran his hands over Sawyer’s balls and then took Sawyer’s cock in his right hand and began stroking him. He spit into his left hand and wet his fingers and pressed against Sawyer’s opening. He slowly pushed two fingers part of the way in and Sawyer gave a hiss and a moan. “Christ, Pete. You woke up on fire this morning.” Peter gave him several moments but continued to stroke him.

“You okay?” Peter asked. Sawyer murmured yes. Peter pushed his fingers the rest of the way in and began working them in and out and he jerked him off a little faster.

 Peter spit into his right hand and began wetting his own cock, stroking it only a little to get it really hard before he lined up and began pushing into Sawyer.

 “God I want you so fucking bad Sawyer!”

 “I can tell.” Sawyer ran his hands along Peter’s body and over his chest; he was panting heavily and moaning. This was probably the fastest anyone had ever taken him.

 “You okay?” Peter asked again.


 Peter pushed all the way in, only stopping to give Sawyer a chance to adjust. As he felt him relax, Peter began thrusting. He gradually sped up and began giving Sawyer’s cock a slight twist at the head. Sawyer got a little louder and was thrusting himself up in Peter’s hand. Peter came quickly and shot off four times, moaning “Oh fuck! Fuck!” as he came. Sawyer came about two minutes after, shooting his cum all up his own chest and panting heavily. Peter pulled out slowly and lay down beside Sawyer, breathing deeply still. He ran his hands along Sawyer’s side, kissed him deeply and then sloppily three times.

 “Well, I can certainly tell,” Sawyer said quietly.

 “What’s that?” Peter whispered back.

 “You’re definitely a teenager. I haven’t had a fuck that fast since I was a teenager. You didn’t even kiss me until after you’d pulled out. We’ve never had a fuck like that before.”

 “Sorry. I guess you were right. I woke up on fire. Felt like I couldn’t fuck you fast enough.”

 Sawyer ran his hands into Peter’s hair and gave him a playful push away. “Just don’t make it a common occurrence.”  Peter laughed softly and cuddled back to Sawyer.

 “I won’t. I like it slower with more build up most of the time too. More prolonged.” Sawyer kissed him on the forehead and wrapped his arms around him. Peter fell back asleep again and stirred awake when he felt Sawyer moving. Sawyer kissed him and got up out of the bed. It was light outside now.

 “You hungry?”

 “Starving. I could eat bark off a tree.”

 “Well, we oughta be able to find something more appealing than that to eat. Get dressed and let’s go scare up some breakfast.”


 After breakfast they changed into shorts, grabbed their sunglasses and headed down the beach to sit out in the sun for a while. They sat quietly for a while just enjoying the sunshine and the view. Sawyer could tell Peter was mulling something over in his head.

 “I’ve been thinking about something Sawyer that I wanna have done and wanted to bounce it off you and see what you think.” Peter smiled slyly.

 “Well, that’s a wide open statement. You wanna tell me what you’re thinking about?”

 “I’ve been thinking for a while and I wanna get both my ear lobes pierced and wear pierced earrings in them. Maybe plain gold studs like they do the piercing with. You know, with the little pointy ends. Some of the women here might have a pair of those that they’d be willing to part with.”

 “Hmmm. So this is something you really want huh?  You realize that’s probably gonna just cement in people’s minds that you’re gay.”

 Peter looked down at the sand. “Well, I’m more gay than straight so they wouldn’t be far off.”

 “You’re not afraid you’ll get beat up or hurt sometime cause they’re pierced?”

 “No, I don’t think I’d get hurt any more than I’ve already been.” Peter paused. “My behavior is usually what gets me in trouble.”

 “Well, I’m just playing devil’s advocate Pete. Personally, I think it would be hot on you. Who you thinkin’ about doing it? Jack?”

 “I think he’d be the best choice. The first thing is to see if anyone’s got a pair of those piercing earrings here that they’re willing to part with. You still got any of those little airline bottles of alcohol? I’ll need alcohol to clean them with for a couple of weeks to keep them sterile.”

 “Yeah, I think I’ve got that covered. I’ll get you whatever you need in that department. When you thinkin’ about getting it done?”

 “I’d like to do it today if I can get a pair of those earrings. I’m gonna start asking around when we get back down to the campsite.”

 “Well, if that’s what you want to do, go for it.”

 “That’s what I want. I’m glad you don’t have a problem with it. I don’t know what Jack’s gonna think.”

 “He may try to talk you outa it at first, but he’ll give in and be okay with it.”

 Peter nodded. They got up and walked back down the beach. Peter felt like he was on a mission.

 The first women he saw were Kate and Julie who were sitting and chatting. He walked over to speak to them. “Hey, how are y’all doing?” he asked.

 Kate said fine. Julie looked at him surprised he was speaking to her. “I thought you weren’t gonna forgive me after the other day,” she said.

 “I shouldn’t after all that. You’ve opened another can of worms though that I still gotta set straight. It’s gonna piss them off again,” he replied.

 Kate’s eyebrows were raised. They were having a conversation and she wasn’t quite sure what they were talking about.

 “Well, blame it on me and Libby. We just wanted them to lay off you for about a month. Especially Jack. It seems to be working too,” Julie said evenly.

 “That may be, but Jack’s gonna be real pissed when he finds out that I didn’t set things straight right away.”

 “So blame us. Blame me. But you might wanna wait until after your birthday to set them straight. That’s what I’d recommend.” Julie looked over at Kate and knew she didn’t understand what they were talking about. “So did you want something in particular Peter?”

 “Yeah. I’m wanna get my ears pierced and I’m tryin’ to see if any of the women got a pair of those plain gold stud earrings with the pointy ends that they use to pierce ears with, that they’d be willing to give me,” Peter explained.

 “You realize that they use piercing guns to shoot those into your earlobe so it’s over fast. It may really hurt doing that manually,” Kate said as she grimaced.

 “I know. I’m not afraid of the pain. I really want this. Do either one of you think you’ve got a pair of those earrings that I could have?”

“I don’t know. Let me go check and see what I’ve got with my jewelry,” Julie offered. Kate shook her head no.

 “I know I don’t have, but I’ll ask around for you if you’d like. Might find a pair quicker if we’re both asking,” Kate offered.

 Peter nodded, “That would be great. But if we can’t find a pair of the piercing kind, anything else that’s real plain studs would be great.”  Julie came back shortly and offered him a plain pair of ear studs, but they weren’t the type he wanted initially. She told him to go ahead and keep them in case he ended up using them. Kate set off to go see Sayid. She thought there might be some amongst Shannon’s things. Peter spied Nikki near her tent and went over to talk with her. She was in her 20’s and she might have a pair.

 He walked up to her and asked her how she was. Nikki smiled at him. She liked Peter and had felt like if she ever broke up with Paulo that Peter might be a good prospect. She knew he was bisexual and that he had sex a lot. Peter explained what he was looking for and she disappeared into her tent and brought her jewelry back out for them to look through. He stood close to her as she went through it.

 “You’re in luck, I have an old pair, just like you want,” Nikki beamed. She was excited that he was going to get his ears pierced. “You know I may want to watch you get it done…” she added.

 “That’s okay with me Nikki. You can watch if you want to,” Peter smiled back.

 “What the hell is going on and what are you talking about?” It was Paulo and he sounded very jealous.

 “It’s none of your business Paulo. But if you must know, Peter asked me if I had something and I’m going to give it to him.” Nikki threw back at him. Peter’s eyebrows went up; if Paulo was the extremely jealous type he was in trouble. Nikki hadn’t clarified what they were talking about.

 “Are you trying to steal my girlfriend? What are you up to?” Paulo was smiling but sounded upset.

 Peter raised both his empty hands, “Don’t get excited Paulo, I was asking around tryin’ to find a pair of ear piercing studs. I wanna get my ears pierced. Nikki has a pair she’s willin’ to give me is all.”

 “So you’re not trying to put moves on my girlfriend?” Paulo asked as he stepped closer.

 “No, no. She’s real nice and all, but you realize I’d be more likely to wanna fuck you than her. I’m more gay than straight.”

 Paulo stared at him for a moment, “Give him the earrings Nikki. It’s okay. Let him have them.”  Nikki handed Peter the studs.

 “You’ll let me know when you’re getting them pierced so I can watch right?” She gave Paulo a defiant look.

 “Sure. I hope I can get it done today. I just gotta talk to Jack. I appreciate you letting me have them. Thanks.” Peter nodded at Paulo and walked away. He was surprised when Paulo caught up to him a few minutes later and pushed him against a tree.

 “What the fuck?” Peter growled at Paulo.

 Paulo eased up. “Did you mean it?”

 “Did I mean what?”

 “That you’d wanna fuck me more than her?”

 “What do you think? I’ve fucked six guys from our plane crash and two women. I’ve got two boyfriends right now. I’m way more interested in guys.”

 Paulo pressed his body against Peter’s suddenly and groped his cock and balls. Peter gasped in surprise. He hadn’t expected Paulo to do that. He didn’t expect the slow exploring kiss that followed either. Paulo finally broke the kiss off and stood back from him. “Remember this then. I’d like to fuck you sometime. You let me know if you’re interested.” Paulo cradled his head in his hands and kissed Peter once more before smiling and heading back towards his and Nikki’s tent.

 “Son of a bitch…” Peter whispered to himself as he watched Paulo leave. Paulo had succeeded in arousing him, hooking him and then leaving him hanging. He’d planted a seed. Peter looked all around and was thankful no one had witnessed what had just happened. He walked back towards his tent and put the studs in a small pill vial so he wouldn’t lose them. Sawyer gave him a small bottle of vodka and jokingly gave him a hard time about him using it on his ears and not drinking it. Kate showed back up in a half hour and asked him if he’d found a pair like he wanted. Peter replied he had, and was going to ask Jack first if he’d do it. Kate smiled and asked him to let her know when he was getting it done and she’d come for moral support. Peter smiled and nodded.

 About an hour later Jack walked into the edge of camp. Libby watched as Peter made a beeline straight to him. He was obviously excited about whatever he was talking with Jack about. She watched as Jack seemed to be talking with him seriously and Peter showed him something in a little vial. Jack nodded his head yes and Peter hugged him and kissed him. Libby shook her head no slightly. She’d been unsuccessful in breaking them up and making Jack leave him alone.  Jack smirked a little when he realized that Libby had been watching from the other side of camp. He followed Peter back to Sawyer’s tent and went inside. Libby walked off and decided to go find Hurley.  Peter went and told Kate and Nikki that he was getting it done and when to come over to Sawyer’s tent. When the time came they all met at Sawyer’s tent. Sawyer had walked to the hatch and brought back some ice so Peter could numb his earlobes. Jack warned Peter that it could be painful. Kate offered to hold his hand but Peter refused, afraid of hurting her hand if things didn’t go right. Jack had pierced both his ear lobes with no problems although Peter did hiss when he wiped them with the alcohol. When he’d finished, Peter stood up, thanked Jack, hugged and kissed him slowly on the lips. He blushed when he pulled away; thinking only then that Nikki had never seen him kiss Jack before. Mild shock was on her face, but Nikki seemed to have enjoyed it.

 “Well, that alone was worth coming to see,” Nikki joked as she turned and walked off. Kate followed behind her.  When they got out of earshot, Nikki asked her, “Didn’t that turn you on? That was so hot watching him kiss Jack!” Kate didn’t want to tell her what she really felt, that she was jealous of all three of them.

 “Well, I’ve watched him kiss Sawyer and Jack before so it’s pretty normal to me.”

 “Hmmm. I’d have liked to have seen that too. You’re lucky to get to see that. I never get to see anything hot. Paulo and I are just too boring I think.”

 Kate just nodded and redirected their conversation. Meanwhile, Sawyer had given Peter a ponytail holder, which Peter used to pull his hair back. He smiled broadly at Sawyer until he began to be introspective. He looked more serious suddenly as he asked Sawyer and Jack both, “Can we take a walk down the beach? I want to talk with you both about something.”

 “I don’t think you need to get anything else pierced right now Pete,” Sawyer joked.

 “No, I’m being serious. I wanna talk to you both and set something straight,” Peter said quieter.

 “Oh Christ, what now?” Jack moaned.

 “Let’s walk down the beach a ways,” Peter suggested. So they walked down to the beach and along the waterline. The sun was getting lower in the sky. Sunset was about an hour off. When they got about a half mile up the beach, Jack couldn’t stand it any longer.

 “Okay, what was it you needed to tell us and is this going to be the truth?” Jack demanded.

 “Lighten up Jack, he’s gonna tell us, if you don’t go overboard here.” Sawyer wasn’t as concerned as Jack was, but he was interested to hear what Peter had to say.

 Peter was suddenly anxious which made Jack even tenser. “Funny you should say that Jack. You remember last week when we all were talking with Julie and Libby?” 

 They both nodded. “It was pretty unforgettable,” Jack commented.

 “Umm. I had no idea that Julie was gonna say the things she did. I kept tryin’ to get her to hush up and leave. Apparently she and Libby had gotten together that morning and talked some about what happened the afternoon before with you and me. She lied about something tryin’ to protect me and I can’t let this go on any longer. Libby stopped me that day. She shook her head no and mouthed no to me. She told me to lie. She wanted us to break up for a while. She thought Jack would leave me alone if he thought I was 17. I need to clear this up.” Peter reached in his pocket and handed something small to Jack.

 Jack looked at it and a strange look went across his face. “Shit!!!” He grabbed Peter by the shirt and pushed him down onto the beach, going down on top of him and holding his wrists down beside him. “Do you have any idea how damn worried I’ve been about this? Why the hell didn’t you correct her?  I oughta fuck you right here on this beach…”

 Sawyer was freaked out by Jack’s sudden actions and his words. He began trying to pull Jack off Peter. “What the fuck are you doing Jack? Have you lost your mind?” Jack wouldn’t let go of Peter. He just held onto him even tighter.

 “Let me go a minute Sawyer. Fuck it, stop! Here – look at this!” He handed Sawyer Peter’s Tennessee driver’s license. Sawyer looked at it carefully and laughed. Jack looked up at him unbelieving.

 “So he’s 21 in two weeks and not 18. Big fucking deal! You oughta be glad. He’s tryin’ to set it straight with us Jack. He said he didn’t know she was gonna say that. You were there. He kept tryin’ to get her to shut up and to leave. And if Libby was tellin’ him not to correct her and to lie and go along with it, he was between a rock and a hard place. They were tryin’ to get us to back off or break up with him. You gonna let Libby win by breakin’ up with him? Well, hell Jack, do it! I’d love to have Pete all to myself. Then I won’t have to share him with you. You’re so damn moral about everything; you oughta be damned relieved she lied about it. He’s legal, been legal. No chance of you ever going to prison or losing your medical license because of that. Now get up off him.” Sawyer reached out his hand towards Jack. Jack ignored his hand and got down in Peter’s face.

 “No more fucking lying Peter. You tell us the truth, even if it pisses somebody off. I may get mad but I’ll get over it. I went through a lot of grief this week and told Libby a lot of private things I probably wouldn’t have.”

 “I know Jack and I’m sorry. I didn’t know she was gonna put you through all that. That’s why I wanted to clear it up. I love both of you and wanted to tell you the truth even though I knew you’d be mad at me. If you don’t wanna have anything else to do with me, I’ll understand why…”

 “I didn’t say that. I said I went through a lot of grief and I want you to tell us the truth. I don’t want to break up. Shit. I want to make love to you and sleep with you just as soon as you’ll let me.” Jack let go of his wrists and bent down further and kissed him over and over.

 “Okay, time to get off him Jack. We’ve got interested and concerned onlookers.” Sawyer stuck out his hand and Jack grabbed it this time to get up. They dusted the sand off Peter when he stood up, and headed back towards the campsite. As they got close, Jack asked Peter to go ahead and get some water so they could make sure he didn’t have any sand in the new piercings. Peter went ahead of them. As soon as he was out of hearing range Jack and Sawyer were talking.

 “So what do you think about the birthday party/luau idea? You think folks would come?” Jack asked.

 “I think it’s a good idea and now we know it’s his twenty-first birthday, so we can build it up more. If you get people to agree to bring food, they’ll be more likely to come. We just need to talk and make plans about when and where and who’ll do what. We’ll have to plan to keep him away for a few hours too, and remind everyone it’s a surprise party.” Sawyer smiled, he liked planning something secret.

 “It’s going to be a big surprise for Peter. I don’t think he’s ever had much in the way of birthday celebrations. This could be really great and give folks something to look forward to. First, we need to talk to Kate and maybe Sun and see if they can help also. They’ll have some good ideas about how to approach this,” Jack smiled. He was excited about this idea and wanted it to be Peter’s best birthday ever.


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[icon] The Boys From Tennessee Rating: NC17 M/M slash. Oral & anal… - For the Fans of Lost
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