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[icon] Last chapter for this fan fic novel although I've got a informal… - For the Fans of Lost
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Time:09:52 pm
Last chapter for this fan fic novel although I've got a informal survey out to see if there's enough demand for a follow-up. Just for information: The Boys From Tennessee was 60 chapters long, typed in 10 point font. It wasn't my original intention to write a fan fic novel, but it demanded writing and continued to grow. All together 290 pages in Word, with a total of 179,265 words. Whew! Are there any longer slash fan fiction novels on the internet? I don't know...   ~ Chissy_Rose

The Boys From Tennessee
Rating: NC17 M/M slash, oral & anal sex, rimming, restraints
Author: Chissy_Rose
Pairing: Sawyer/Peter, Sayid/Peter, Jack/Peter
Author’s Notes/Disclaimer: They’re not mine, I don’t own them. No infringement intended.

The Boys From Tennessee
Chapter 60 (60/60)

Two more weeks passed and it was early evening the day before Peter’s birthday. Sun and Ana Lucia had kept him busy most of the day gathering fruits and helping Sun in her garden. Jack, Sawyer and Peter had eaten dinner and had decided to sit outside Peter’s tent and play cards for a while. They played several hands of cards when Sayid came and asked Peter if he could help him the next day with something he was working on. Peter looked at Jack & Sawyer both & they nodded & said they’d get together with him that evening to celebrate his birthday. Sayid asked to join the game and they invited him to sit down and play. After several hands, Sawyer suggested they make it more interesting by playing for sexual favors. Sayid’s eyebrows rose as he asked Sawyer to be more specific.

“Well, we could have the loser have to provide a specified sexual service to the winner at a mutually agreed to time & place of their choice. For example, we could play for a blowjob first game.”

“I’m not so sure I’m a good enough poker player to play for those kinds of stakes,” Sayid mused.

“Why don’t we switch to Hearts, you play several hands and who ever busts 100 first is the loser and the lowest score is the winner,” Peter suggested.

“You know you like old maid games right?” Sawyer joked.

“It doesn’t involve as much skill as poker and y’all would have a better chance than playing poker with Jack and me. I’m just tryin’ to level the playin’ field,” Peter said back smiling shyly. “We could play one round first to make sure everybody remembered the rules and how to play before playing one with stakes.”

“Okay, I’m in. I’m comfortable with all you guys. Giving or receiving, but I hope to be on the receiving end,” Jack joked. “What do you think Sayid? Do you want to live on the wild side a little?”

“You are all a little crazy and oversexed, but I might go along with a round or two for stakes. Can you teach me the rules and can we play two rounds first so I get the hang of it?” Sayid asked.

“Sure, I don’t have a problem with that,” Peter said. “How about y’all?”  Sawyer and Jack both nodded.

They played two rounds of hearts and Peter won the first round and Sayid won the second round. “Okay then,” Sawyer was grinning, “this round is for a blow-job for the winner, given by the first one to bust.”

“Hand Sayid the cards and let him cut and deal them out,” Peter suggested. Sawyer raised his eyebrows and Peter raised his back at him. Sawyer shuffled the cards and put them down on their makeshift table and Sayid dealt them out. They played the first round and Jack was chagrined when he busted 100 first and Sawyer had the lowest score. Sawyer was grinning; he thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Jack was going to have to give him a blowjob at some point. They decided the second round would be for a fuck. The game got much more competitive now. This round Jack came out the winner and Sawyer was the first one out. Jack was the one grinning this time as he kidded Sawyer about it. The third round they upped the prize again, making the loser have to be the sex slave of the winner for 24 hours. They all were playing in earnest now; trying to figure out what each of the others might be holding by the cards they were playing. Peter was having more bad luck with these hands, moaning when he repeatedly ended up with the Queen of Spades and many of the hearts. He was watching each of the others intently now but it did him no good. He was the one to bust 100 this round and Sayid had been the winner. Jack and Sawyer congratulated him but both wished they’d won that round. Peter had blushed heavily, he’d only had sex with Sayid twice, but he’d be his for 24 hours at some point. They decided to play another round and upped the stakes even higher. This time the loser would fuck all the other three players in a gang-bang. They played a couple of hands when Peter figured out that Jack and Sawyer both were trying to cause him to take most of the hands and were almost playing cooperatively. It seemed that luck was conspiring against him also. He groaned as he took the Queen of Spades almost every hand. He put his head in his hands, closed his eyes and shook his head when he laid down his last card. He knew he’d gone bust first and he’d be taking all three of them on. When he looked up all three of them were grinning at him.

“You wanna play again Pete?” Sawyer teased.

“Nope, y’all have me fucking the whole island next. I think I’d better stop while I’m ahead.” He sighed. “So when do y’all want to get together or is it gonna be a surprise?”

Jack looked at Sawyer and Sayid. “I was thinking about tonight. What do you guys think?”

Peter looked a little surprised, “Tonight? That quick?”

“You know I’ve been holding off, waiting for your birthday to fuck you. Well, I think tonight. Is tonight okay with you guys?” Sayid and Sawyer both nodded. “Well, is it okay with you Pete? Can we do it here in your tent since you’re on the edge of the camp?”

Peter nodded. “That’s fine. All I’m asking is for y’all to be considerate. We can do it here. Are y’all all gonna stay the night?”

Sayid shook his head no. “I’ll be here at whatever time you say, but I’ll be sleeping back in my tent tonight.”

“How about around 11:30 then? We can keep a fire going, and get started when we’re all here.” Sawyer suggested. They each nodded. Sayid said he had a few things to do and he and Jack both got up to leave for a while. Sawyer stoked the fire some and went to go get some more firewood to have available. Peter sat and began playing solitaire with the cards. As he played, Kate and Julie walked over and talked with him a little while, asking how he was doing.

“I’m doing okay I guess. How are y’all?”  Both women said they were fine.

Julie asked, “Isn’t tomorrow your birthday Peter? Are you doing anything special to celebrate?”

Peter laughed derisively, “Right. Other than with you, I’ve never celebrated birthdays. There’s no place to go here, so I’ll probably just spend the evening with Sawyer and Jack. Just being alive, in good health and with people who love me is enough.”

“Which birthday is it? How old are you going to be?” Kate asked.

Peter smiled, blushed inadvertently and looked away. “I’m gonna be 21 Kate.”

“Wow, somehow I didn’t expect you were six years younger than me. I thought we were the same age.”

“Well, I told you I was younger than you, but most people think I’m in my mid to late 20’s. I’ve just been through so much, you know.” Peter looked sadder now.

“Well, I think it’s great you’re 21. Maybe you can finally start putting things behind you now and do what you want to do,” Kate said as she smiled.

“I wanted to wish you an early happy birthday Peter and give you a birthday kiss and hug,” Julie said. Peter stood up and let her kiss him slowly and give him a warm hug.

“Me too!” Kate smiled as Julie stepped back and Kate gave him a tighter hug and a more passionate kiss. She was glad he didn’t have any idea about the plans for his birthday luau the next afternoon. Almost everyone had been excited about the plans for a feast and birthday party and almost everyone was helping out in some way.

“Thanks! Y’all know you both have special places in my heart right? You’re both very special women and you mean a great deal to me.”

“So you’ve forgiven me then?” Julie asked.

“I can’t stay mad at you. I know you were just tryin’ to protect me and that I’m not always good at it myself. Your motives were good. I know you still care.” Peter reached up and touched her face gently and smiled.

“By the way, I’ve got a present for you for your birthday, I’ll get it to you maybe this time tomorrow if that’s okay,” Kate said smiling.

“That’s sweet Kate, I wasn’t expecting anything, but that’ll give me something to look forward to then. Thanks.” Both women smiled back at him and waved as they walked back to their side of the camp. They hadn’t been gone long when Sawyer returned with a load of wood. Peter resumed playing solitaire but he had to restart the game. Peter shook his head and Sawyer smiled as he saw him dealing the cards out on the table again, “This don’t seem to be your night for cards Pete. Maybe we oughta just go for a walk to kill some time. What do ya think?”  Peter nodded, got up and put the cards away. They walked down towards the moonlit waterfront and began walking down the beach. Sawyer reached out and pulled Peter closer, putting his arm around him. Peter was quiet and lost in thought.

“You okay? You’re being real quiet. You’re not worried about havin’ sex with the three of us later are you?” Sawyer asked.
“Nope, I ain’t worried about that. I’ve had sex with all y’all separately and you and Jack at the same time, so I ain’t worried about Sayid joining us.”

“Well, you know if you’re too anxious we could always postpone it to another time.”

“I’m okay with it really Sawyer. That’s not what I was thinkin’ about.” Sawyer pulled him around so he was facing him and gave him a peck on the lips and held him in his arms.

“So what’ya thinkin’ then? I wanna know. Share it with me.” Sawyer begged. Peter sighed and rested his head on Sawyer’s shoulder. “Okay then, let’s sit down up on the beach so we can talk.” They walked halfway up the beach and sat down. Sawyer turned Peter so he was facing the moon and sat down opposite him so he could see him as they talked.

Peter sighed again and didn’t speak right away. “I was just thinkin’ about tomorrow being my birthday and all. I’m just real thankful I’ve got my health and the two of you in my life. That makes it a good birthday. I’ve had a lot of birthdays where I felt like nobody in the world cared about me.” Peter looked very somber and Sawyer reached over and gently caressed his face.

“I love you so much it makes my heart hurt sometimes. You know that right? How special you are to me?” Sawyer smiled and looked into his eyes. Peter nodded and Sawyer could tell he felt emotional.

“I love you too. More than you know Sawyer. That’s why tomorrow is special to me. Because I know you love me…”

“But you’re sad or unsettled about it somehow, I can tell from your face and your voice,” Sawyer said quietly.

“Julie and Kate stopped by a while ago. Julie remembered that it’s tomorrow and wished me a happy birthday. They both gave me a birthday hug and kiss. You know I don’t ever remember a birthday gift before she gave me one two years ago. My old man didn’t put any stock in them. Never gave me anything for my birthday but grief. I missed a lot of things that most kids normally get because of him.” Peter paused. “You know I ain’t lookin’ for anything from y’all tomorrow right? It’s gonna be enough if I can just spend time with the two of you.”

Sawyer could see tears well up in Peter’s eyes and wished he hadn’t suggested they talk but decided he probably needed to tell somebody what he was feeling. He really wished he could tell him about what they were planning but knew it would mean more as a surprise the next afternoon. “I’m sorry you had such a tough childhood, but you know you weren’t the only one that missed out on a lota things. I gotta admit though, yours was a lot worse.”

Peter nodded slightly, looked out over the moonlit water and wiped away the tears that rolled down his cheeks.

“Christ, I didn’t mean for you to get upset tonight. You wanna go back now?”

Peter shook his head no. “I only wanted you to know that I don’t have any expectations about my birthday. I didn’t mean to get upset thinking about what it was like growing up. Just know it makes me happy being with you.” Peter moved over against Sawyer, putting his legs over his and hugging him.  Sawyer hugged him back and kissed him gently 3 or 4 times. They held each other tenderly for a long time as Sawyer gently caressed him. Finally Peter whispered that maybe they should go back and Sawyer agreed. It was getting late and Jack and Sayid would be meeting them at Peter’s tent soon. They walked back to the tent slowly. The moon was well overhead now and the sand almost looked like snow in the moonlight. On their way back they stopped by Sawyer’s tent and he went in and picked up some of the good lube and pushed it into his pocket. When they got back to Peter’s tent Jack was already sitting outside waiting on them. He grinned as they got closer. Sawyer asked him what he was up to and Jack pointed in Peter’s tent, but told Peter to stay outside until Sayid joined them. Sawyer went inside and was amazed at the number of small oil lamps that were lit inside Peter’s shelter and the two large fragrant flowers that were floating in a bowl. There was also a full size blanket from the hatch that was spread out over the large bed area. He could tell these were Jack’s touches. He went back outside the tent. “Nice job,” he smiled and commented. Jack nodded. Peter’s curiosity was killing him. Sawyer went and sat down against a log near the fire and gestured for Peter to join him. Peter sat down next to him and Sawyer pulled him over so he was sitting between his legs. He had seen Sayid coming from a distance and decided he wanted to start warming Peter up for the main event. He began caressing Peter’s face and head while planting small kisses along his neck. Peter closed his eyes and laid his head back against Sawyer’s shoulder.

Jack was watching them intently. He already had a hard-on but wanted to be the last one with Peter tonight. “God you look so good Peter. I really want you.”
Peter opened his eyes and looked seductively at Jack and it was all Jack could do to not touch himself out in the open.

Sawyer slowly unbuttoned Peter’s cotton shirt and opened it so he could have access. He ran his hands slowly up and down his abdominal and chest muscles. Little moans were escaping from Peter that he couldn’t contain. Sawyer ran his fingers over Peter’s nipples and began playing with them. It was driving Peter crazy and he reached up and went to put his hands on Sawyer’s wrists. “Uh uhh,” Sawyer whispered, “Take ‘em away or I quit.”

“Shit,” Peter whispered as he lowered his hands back to his own knees, panted open mouthed and squirmed slightly.

Sayid walked up now and just stood watching Sawyer turn Peter on. It was going to be very exciting watching this up close and joining in on the sex with them. It made him feel a part of things being included like this. “So Sawyer are you going first then since you’re getting him excited?” he asked.

“Sure, I can go first unless you or Jack wants to,” Sawyer replied.

“I want to go last,” Jack said quietly.

“Well, I guess that leaves me in the middle then,” Sayid responded.

“I think we oughta move inside, and if y’all want to join in on helping me, feel free to join in,” Sawyer grinned, hoping Sayid might get Peter worked up even more. They stood up and Jack motioned to Sayid to let Peter go first. Peter was surprised at how nice the inside of the shelter looked. All the little lamps gave it quite a glow and he noticed the flowers and the full size blanket on the bed.

“Wow, this is great Jack,” he said quietly.

“Yeah, like a love nest,” Sawyer laughed. Jack pulled off his own shirt, and sat back on one of the airline seats to watch at first. Peter stood in the middle waiting and anticipating what was coming. Sawyer looked in Sayid’s eyes.

“Why don’t you help me with him Sayid? I think the boy would enjoy it,” Sawyer asked. Sayid nodded and said with pleasure.

They both put their hands on him at the same time. “Oh man, the two of you together. I hope I can stand this much attention,” Peter said excitedly.

Sawyer grinned, “I hope we drive you crazy and into a fever pitch. We want you real horny boy.”  Sawyer took his head in his hands and began kissing him slowly, probing his mouth and running his hands through his hair. Peter felt Sayid’s hands run down his body very slowly and then back up again to slowly lower his shirt down his shoulders and arms. Peter’s breath was already faster. It was turning him on tremendously having the two of them working on him and knowing Jack was sitting there watching everything. Sayid removed Peter’s shirt and then his own, moving his own hands to Peter’s nipples. He pressed his body against Peter’s and began kissing the side of his neck. Peter moaned loudly this time. Sawyer broke away from his kiss. “Take my shirt off me Pete,” he ordered. Peter was so excited he almost couldn’t unbutton the shirt. Sawyer smiled, happy that they had made him so eager. Peter finally got it unbuttoned and pulled it off throwing it over another seat. Sawyer ran his right hand easily over Peter’s balls and his erect cock and elicited another loud moan from him.

“I’ll bet you’re gonna be vocal aren’t you?” Sawyer quipped. He made eye contact with Sayid as he said, “Let’s switch sides Sayid, I wanna get him ready and fuck him soon.” Sayid nodded as they switched. Sayid ran his hand over Peter’s abdomen, and fisted his cock through his pants. Peter was moaning now with almost everything they were doing to him. Sayid dropped down to his knees and used his teeth to undo Peter’s jeans and then slowly pull down the zipper. Peter was panting open mouthed he was so turned on. Sayid slowly pulled Peter’s pants down to his ankles and pulled them off, tossing them aside. He ran his tongue from Peter’s knee up to his crotch over his balls to the tip of his cock, swirling his tongue around the head. At the same time Sawyer had pushed Peter’s legs further apart and had pushed his well lubed fingers slowly into Peter’s ass. “Oh God,” Peter cried out, his voice higher than normal. Jack chuckled at him and how keyed up he was. Sayid took his cock in his mouth and slowly moved his hand up and down stroking him as he swirled his tongue all around it. Sawyer began pushing in further waiting for Peter to relax. As he felt him relax he began probing for his prostate. “Hold him at the base of his cock Sayid. I’m gonna make him come.” Sawyer ran his fingers against it and Peter moaned loudly and thrust up against Sayid’s hands that were holding him firmly. “Oh God, fuck!” Peter moaned as he had his first orgasm. Sawyer waited patiently for Sayid to stroke him several times before he ran his fingers across it again. This time Peter held Sayid’s arms tightly as he thrust up against him. He looked around behind himself at Sawyer, “Fuck me Sawyer. Put your cock in me now. I’m not gonna last much longer, y’all are about to bring me off.”  It seemed more decadent standing up and being fucked between these two men. Sawyer nodded as he pulled his fingers out, lubed his cock and pushed it slowly into Peter. Peter groaned at the intensity of everything he was feeling. He knew he was going to come with Sawyer fucking him. Sayid wet his cock well and stood up and began kissing him as he stroked and fisted him, giving his cock a slight twist as he came up to the top. Peter was groaning into Sayid’s mouth which was turning Sayid on. Peter really was a very responsive lover. Sawyer was holding him by the hips and was thrusting harder and more rapidly. Sayid increased the speed of his strokes and could feel Peter beginning to tense. He stepped up against Peter’s body and stroked him very rapidly and hard between their two bodies as Sawyer was building up to a fever pitch.  Peter’s ass clenched as he let out a high guttural cry and came 4 or 5 times between their bodies. Jack grimaced slightly thinking probably everyone within a quarter mile was probably awake now. Sawyer’s orgasm followed close behind Peter’s but he was much quieter. Peter went almost weak between their bodies from the intensity of his orgasm and was having trouble standing up. Sawyer helped to hold him up slightly. Sayid went back down on his knees and looking up in Peter’s eyes began to lick him off. Peter was making a higher pitch moan again. It was almost more than he could stand having Sayid lavishing so much attention on his cock right after coming. Sayid grinned at him.

“Perhaps we should get you to lay down for my fuck,” Sayid suggested. Peter just nodded as he allowed himself to be directed down onto the blanket. Sayid slipped off his own pants now. “Are you okay with being strapped up for sex with me?” Sayid asked. Peter nodded yes as Sayid asked for the thigh straps which Sawyer got for him. Sawyer sat down on the edge of the blanket to watch them together. Peter was already wearing the black wrist straps with D-rings so once the thigh straps were on Sayid had no problem linking each wrist to a thigh. It had the desired effect on Peter. His cock was already semi-erect without any additional stimulation. Sayid took a towel and wiped Peter down well as he separated his legs further apart and began slowly rimming his entrance with his tongue and licking his balls. Peter moaned and pulled against the leg restraints. Sayid was making him crazy. Rimming always made him feel lust for whoever was doing it to him. Many lovers would refuse to do this.
“Oh God Sayid, you’re turning me on so fucking much.”

“I can tell Peter,” Sayid said slowly as he licked him over and over causing Peter to gasp. “Are you ready for me?” he asked finally. Peter nodded.

“Fuck me I’m ready. More than ready,” Peter gasped.

Sayid positioned Peter’s legs over his shoulders and lined up with his ass, thrusting straight in, in a single slow motion. Peter hissed but then panted almost immediately. “Oh God that’s good!”

Sayid released a small moan of his own. He was so aroused himself he doubted he would last very long. He began a very slow and deliberate thrusting motion. He could feel Peter tighten up. Sayid reached up and began playing with Peter’s nipples while paying no attention to his cock which was now weeping at the slit. Peter squirmed about but finally did what Sayid wanted. He begged Sayid to touch his cock. “Please Sayid, I’m begging you. Take my cock and bring me off again. This is torture. Please… fuck! I wanna come!” Sayid smiled and took his cock in his hand and ran his thumb over and over the head of the cock smearing the glistening pre-cum across it. Peter struggled beneath him. “Sayid! Please don’t tease me!”

Sayid noticed Jack checking the time on his watch and thought it must have been close to midnight by now. “You are welcome to join us Jack. I think our young man wants to get off again.”

Jack’s wrist watch began peeping and they all knew that it was midnight and now Peter’s 21st birthday. “I’d like nothing better,” Jack said quietly. He stood up and slowly unzipped his own pants and removed them. He knelt down by Peter’s side while Sayid slowly fucked him and began to suck his cock while playing with Peter’s balls.
“Oh Jeez! Y’all have got me on overload. It’s almost too much…” Peter moaned. He looked deeply into Sayid’s eyes. “Sayid – fuck me faster and harder!”

Sayid complied and began fucking him in earnest. Jack could taste the pre-cum on his cock and could tell it wasn’t going to take long. Sayid came first this time, moaning Peter’s name and something in Iraqi that they didn’t understand. Peter came shortly after Sayid thrusting up into Jack’s mouth and his loud moan was unmistakable as sexual ecstasy. Jack slowly licked up every bit of his cum before moving up to his mouth and kissing him to let him taste himself in Jack’s mouth. He knew just what Peter liked. Sayid unstrapped his thigh restraints and unclipped them from his wrist restraints before thanking him for a great fuck. Jack had a mischievous look on his face. He kissed Peter a little bit before asking him if he would sit on top of him and fuck him from on top. Peter nodded yes.

“Suck me first and get me hard,” Jack directed. Peter got down between his legs and began to lick Jack and slide his mouth tightly down and up his length. It didn’t take long until Jack was moaning. “Lube me up and then ease down on me,” he asked. Peter did as he asked and positioned himself over Jack and began lowering himself onto his cock. Jack was huge, he’d waited almost a month without fucking him or anyone else and he was very turned on by what he had watched. “Push out,” he suggested. Peter moaned as he kept slowly lowering himself on Jack. Sawyer was getting off watching them and was stroking his own cock slowly. Peter was fully mounted on Jack slowly began rising up on his knees and hands before pushing down on him again. Jack moaned loudly this time. “Faster and harder Peter,” he said. Jack reached for Peter’s cock but Peter shook his head no.

“I’m okay Jack. Just let me fuck you like you want it.” Peter was really fucking him now, his body really working Jacks. It didn’t take long before Jack came hard, calling out Peter’s name. Sawyer came just seconds afterwards.

“Happy Birthday Peter,” Jack whispered as he smiled and kissed Peter fully. Peter smiled and nodded. He slowly pulled off Jack and lay down on the blanket alongside Jack.

“This was a great birthday gift and a great start to my 21st year. Thank y’all for this,” Peter smiled and looked at each of them. Sayid bent down to kiss him twice and wished him a happy birthday also before getting up and dressing. He said he would see him tomorrow and Peter nodded and said thanks again. They all said bye to Sayid and Sawyer got up to put out all the oil lamps but one and he slipped back into bed on the other side of Peter. They pulled up a few of the airline blankets and dozed off to sleep rapidly, all spent from the sex.

The next morning when Peter awoke, Sawyer was already up and gone and there was no sign of Jack either. Peter stretched and got up to dress. As he was finishing dressing and straightening up the shelter some, Jack came in and gave him a kiss and hug. He asked Peter how the birthday boy was and told him he had some things to do at the hatch today but would be back later in the afternoon and maybe they could fix something good for dinner if that was okay. Peter nodded but was somewhat disappointed. He asked Jack where Sawyer was and Jack said he was helping Kate and Sun with some project today. Peter nodded but sighed heavily after Jack had left. He ate some breakfast and was somewhat relieved when Sayid came by asking him again if he could help him today with several projects he was working on away from the camp. Peter agreed. He thought it might make the day go by faster.

Sayid breathed a breath of relief as his job for the day was to get Peter well away from the camp and not bring him back until 5 pm. Peter got a couple of water bottles and a hat and left with Sayid to work all day. Once they were out of sight, Kate, Sun and Sawyer sprang into action and began setting up the main campfire area as a large eating area for that afternoon. Many of the survivors had been working over the last few days to help with the birthday luau. There was plenty of food – vegetables, fruit, fish and Locke killed a large wild hog that morning and began to prepare it for cooking. Rose had found enough ingredients in the hatch to make a birthday cake for Peter and they had found some candles for the cake. Kate was especially excited about the cake; it was nice to have something that reminded everyone of home and normalcy. Many people had also made or selected small gifts for Peter since it was his 21st birthday. Kate had everything planned out like a military operation with everyone knowing what they needed to do.  Sayid had woven together a large hammock from rope for Peter and left it for Sawyer to put up between trees near Peter’s shelter.

Later in the afternoon everyone started coming back, bringing their gifts or food and waiting for Sayid to bring Peter back. The closer it got to 5 pm, the more excited people got. This was the first luau party the survivors had held.

As Sayid and Peter got closer to the main campsite, Sayid stopped to drink some water and to talk. He told Peter he had made a birthday gift for him and it was back at the campsite at his shelter, but that he wanted it to be a surprise and asked if he could blindfold him and take him to it. Peter asked how did he put it out and he didn’t see it. Sayid smiled and told him the truth – that Sawyer was putting it out for him. Peter finally smiled and agreed since they were almost back to camp. Sayid slipped a blue bandana around his eyes and had him hold his elbow back into the camp.

Jack was the one who first spotted them coming and gave everyone the sign to be quiet until Sayid got Peter in their midst. As they got close Peter could smell the cooked hog and commented that Locke must have been hunting and that it smelled great. Sayid just agreed, trying not to give it away. Sayid brought Peter up to the tables that had been set up with all the food on them and removed his blindfold. Everyone yelled surprise and happy birthday. Peter was in total shock and was speechless as everyone sang and Rose brought out his birthday cake with the lit candles for him to blow out. He blew out the candles and still looked stunned. Jack told him this was a birthday luau for his 21st birthday.

Peter looked around at the smiling faces before speaking. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more surprised in my life. I wasn’t expecting anything for my birthday. I really don’t know how to say thank you adequately to everyone who came or helped with this. It looks like quite a feast. I want you to know I’ve never had anything like this before. This means the world to me that you’ve all come. Thank you all…” Everyone could see how moved he was as he wiped away a couple of tears and then smiled. Several people applauded his speech. Jack and Kate directed him to the head of the largest table and they all began to enjoy the feast.

After they had all eaten, people began to come by his table and give him birthday presents. Kate had a friendship bracelet she had woven together for him, a couple of pony tail holders, and a pair of diamond stud earrings since he’d gotten his earlobes pierced. Sayid pointed out to him a hammock hanging just outside this shelter that he had made for him. Some of the other things he got included a couple of chocolate candy bars from Hurley, a shell necklace and some aloe vera gel from Sun and Jen, a handmade flute from Locke, a woven string necklace with a large shark’s tooth from Bernard, and Charlie & Claire had made him a wind chime. Jack gave him a rope style gold necklace of his and a couple of the airline mini-bottles of whiskey. Libby gave him a couple of baskets she’d woven to keep things in and a blank journal and a pen with an inscription to use it to write his thoughts in and read it to better understand himself. Sawyer gave him two more mini-bottles, a Playboy & Playgirl magazine and some men’s cologne. He whispered to Peter he had something else to give him once the party broke up. As the party broke up Peter thanked people individually for all they’d done and for their gifts. He’d hugged everyone that had given him a gift and had kissed the women on their cheeks. Sawyer told him that it had been Jack’s idea to have the luau and that Kate had helped organize it. Peter kissed Jack and Kate both on the lips and hugged them when he thanked them both. As people dispersed Jack helped carry Peter’s gifts back to his shelter.

Sawyer pulled Peter aside, took his hands in his and slipped a gold ring on his right ring finger.

“This is one of my rings and I want you to have it cause I love you. I want you to wear it to remind you of that love,” Sawyer said quietly.

Peter’s green eyes watered. “Gosh Sawyer I wasn’t expecting anything like this. I’ve seen you wear this one. This is really special and means the world to me. I love you so much, more than you know!” Peter wrapped his arms around Sawyer, kissing him and then hugging him tightly. They stood hugging for a long time before Sayid walked by and jokingly told them to break it up. They separated and grinned at one another. They decided to swing by Peter’s shelter and they asked Jack if he wanted to sit out by the ocean and watch the full moon rising out over the water.

The three of them walked along the ocean as Peter thanked them for everything they had done to make this the best birthday he’d ever had. They all sat down on the sand and watched the tide moving out and the tiny sea creatures skittering around on the moonlit beach. They talked about the day and some of the things that happened to them since they’d crashed on the island. They talked about the present and the future. They fantasized about what their lives would be like if they were rescued tomorrow. Peter told them that he hoped he got his birthday wish and that they would continue to be together forever. It had been quite a day for Jack and the Boys from Tennessee.

The End


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Subject:longer fics? yes..
Time:2007-01-09 09:25 am (UTC)
Hey.. I'm going to start reading this fic in the next day or two.. looks interesting, but your question on if there are any longer slash fic novels out there.. there certainly is, and it's one of my favorites :)

It's a Brokeback Mountain slash fic, and it started off at Human Interest and I don't know off the top of my head how many chapters it is, but it's gone into the sequel of it, called Two Crows Joy, and it's on chapter 26 right now I believe.. the writer is madlori here on Lj, but I don't know how to do the lj-user thing.. lol

But it can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/humaninterest/ and it is SOOOO GOOD! I love it.. it's my fav.. but yeah.. just a answer to your question.. congrats on makin your fic 60 chapters long! lol WOW!
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