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[icon] Teach Me Girlfriend (A Lost femslash fic) - For the Fans of Lost
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Subject:Teach Me Girlfriend (A Lost femslash fic)
Time:05:49 pm
My first Lost femslash fic (after writing 65+ chapters of Lost slash).  My muse must be working overtime.  Features Kate and Nikki who just wanna cool off, but end up really heating things up at the lagoon. A first time for the girlfriends.

Teach Me Girlfriend
Rating: NC17, femslash, mutual masturbation, penetration, oral sex
Author: Chissy_Rose
Pairing: Kate & Nikki
Author’s Notes/Disclaimer: They’re not mine, I don’t own them. No infringement intended.




 Kate sat in the shade looking out over the ocean and wiped at the sweat that was running in a little stream down between her breasts. She hated this awful summer heat. Even sitting on the beach in the shade wasn’t any help. What breeze there was just blew the hot air about. She pulled at her tank top and bra – both wet with sweat. She lifted her hair off the back of her neck and held it on top of her head. Nikki watched her and smiled. The heat was getting to her also - she hated being in wet clothes. She walked over to Kate and sat down next to her. Nikki and Kate had gotten closer since she and Sawyer had returned to their camp.

They’d turned out to be good girlfriends, talking with one another frequently and commiserating about their boyfriends – Sawyer and Paulo and the hardships of living on the island. They’d been competitive and traded barbs with each other in the beginning. They were similar in some ways but different in many others. Their differences had attracted them to one another and gradually they’d both become comfortable with the other. They’d sat and talked for hours, helped each other with tasks, brushed and braided the other’s hair and even borrowed each other’s clothes.

 Kate smiled at Nikki and sighed. “This heat’s awful isn’t it? I hate it when my clothes stick to me like this.”

 Nikki nodded, “Yeah, its times like this I have fantasies of cutting my hair off, but Paulo would freak so I just deal with it. Maybe it’d be cooler if you put it in a ponytail.”

 “I thought about it, but it’s not going to be enough. I’m just miserable. I sure miss air conditioning.”

 “Ummm, me too, anything to be cooler. I miss ice cream or having a banana split, that would be the cool-down ticket,” Nikki licked her lips.

 “Or a big glass of sweet ice tea.” Kate could just about taste it.

 “Iced coffee would be refreshing,” Nikki said.

 “I remember riding in the back seat of the car as a kid at night with all the windows down, that always felt cooler,” Kate smiled as she reminiscenced.

 “A cool clear swimming pool. Swimming in the warm ocean just isn’t the same. You get all salty and sandy. I really miss my pool.” Nikki was holding her hair piled up on top of her head now and wiping her neck.

 Kate looked over at her. “We’ve got a very good substitute for that you know.”


 “There’s a lagoon with a great waterfall on the trail going towards the Black Rock – the old slaver ship. It’s more than big enough to swim in and the water is cool and inviting. I’ve even bathed there. You wanna go for a swim?”

 “You serious? I’d love to. I didn’t know there was one on the island. I’ve been washing off in the creek. Is it safe? Can we take something to bathe with?” Nikki was excited. The thought of a swim sounded so good and she really wanted to wash off some anyway.

 “I’m totally serious. I think it’s safe, it’s not real far. I’ve got some shampoo left but no soap.”

 “I’ve got some soap. Let’s go for it. The heat’s killing us both and a swim would be great Kate. I want to get some clean clothes and my soap and I’ll meet you back here shortly.” Nikki stood up and gave Kate a hand up.

 “Meet you back here in five,” Kate said as she headed towards her tent. She stuffed some fresh dry clothes, shampoo, comb and a couple of t-shirts to dry off with into her backpack and hurried back to meet Nikki.

 They set off in the direction of the lagoon with Kate leading the way. They talked easily, laughing and sharing gossip on the walk, not rushing themselves. Nikki got excited once again as they could hear the water fall as they approached. When it came into view Nikki gave a small squeal of glee and grabbed Kate’s hand. They walked up to the edge and Kate pointed out a rock outcrop where they could put their things down but access them from the water. She pulled out her shampoo and comb, setting her backpack down. Nikki pulled out her soap and set her things down on the edge too. Nikki looked about and deciding they were alone she began to strip off her clothes. Kate’s eyebrows went up as Nikki removed her bra and started pushing her jeans and panties down too. Kate decided quickly she was comfortable with Nikki and there shouldn’t be any harm in skinny dipping so she’d strip off too. They tried to not be obvious watching one another but there was an element of excitement and naughtiness in being naked together.

 They both giggled and gasped at how cool the water seemed to be at first. They both swam for a while and played about in the water. Nikki had come over to Kate, giggled and made fun of how erect and pointy her nipples were in the water. Kate had teased her back saying that Nikki’s looked like they could cut glass. Nikki felt mischievous and reached over and tweaked both of Kate’s nipples quick and hard and swam backwards. Kate gasped in surprise. Nikki had touched her breasts teasingly briefly before but never anything this daring or arousing. Kate splashed Nikki and pushed off after her. Nikki succeeded in averting her but tired of playing cat and mouse, suggesting that they wash up some. Kate agreed, but privately thought she would still pay Nikki back shortly if given the opportunity. Having both of her nipples squeezed was electrifying and Kate felt horny and frustrated now.

 They waded and walked over to the outcropping. The water was waist high here. Nikki grabbed her soap and handed it to Kate. “Wash my back hon? I’ll be glad to reciprocate,” Nikki purred. Kate’s eyebrows only moved a little as she lathered up her hands and began to wash Nikki’s back and neck. “Arms next…” Nikki’s body was slightly tan and silky smooth, a pleasure to wash. “Underarms…” Nikki stated it like an order. Kate obeyed and ran the soap under both Nikki’s armpits. Nikki giggled at the sensation, it tickled. Nikki slowly turned around facing Kate and gave her a look that was unmistakable as a dare as she ordered, “Chest, please!” Kate’s breath hitched and she sucked her lower lip in and bit it lightly with her teeth. This was a dare and a challenge. Kate had never been good at walking away from a challenge. She lathered her hands more and put her hands down on top of Nikki’s breasts and began washing and fondling them. She plucked both nipples repeatedly, gave them each gentle twists before running her fingertips across them. Now Nikki was the one that let out a little gasp and then began moaning. “You follow directions well Kate. You surprise me.” Kate smiled but didn’t say anything as she washed the rest of Nikki’s chest. Nikki dipped back down into the water to rinse.

 “Time for a shampoo now I think,” Nikki said quietly. They both eyed the other and Nikki reached for the shampoo first. Kate squinted her eyes at her in mock anger but was surprised when Nikki poured the shampoo in her hands and began to lather Kate’s head. It was a pleasant surprise. She’d hadn’t had someone shampoo her hair in a long time. Nikki was good at it; she lathered all Kate’s hair and lightly rubbed her fingertips and nails over her scalp. “Your hair’s so soft and silky Kate. You’re lucky to have such gorgeous dark hair.”

 “Thanks. But your blonde hair is prettier I think.” Kate found herself absorbed with looking at Nikki’s nude body in front of her. Nikki had both hands on Kate’s scalp and her perky breasts bobbed up and down right in front of Kate as she worked. Kate was finding them distracting; she reached up and stroked them gently. Nikki made little noises almost like purring.

 Nikki had Kate’s head fully lathered now and she ran the lather down her neck and onto her shoulders. “You know shampoo and soap are both in dwindling supply, we really shouldn’t waste this lather,” Nikki said in a sexy tone.

 “You’re probably right.” Kate had barely gotten the words out of her mouth when Nikki ran her soapy hands down Kate’s breasts and chest. A little gasp escaped Kate but she made no move to stop her. Nikki gathered more lather and ran her hands down to Kate’s breasts again but began caressing them this time. Kate closed her eyes, breathed harder and moaned in spite of herself. Nikki rubbed her and circled her nipples with her fingertips. Kate could feel any resistance she may have felt about doing this melting away. She really liked Nikki and she decided she was going to enjoy this and not fight it.

 “Is this okay? Do you like this baby? Does it feel good?” Nikki asked seductively as she ran her fingers over Kate’s erect nipples.

 “Ummm. Yes, it’s so good.” Kate smiled and sucked on her lower lip. She moved closer to Nikki and kissed her chastely on her cheek but stayed close to her. It lit a fire in Nikki.

 “Come here and kiss me again.” Nikki pulled Kate closer, swiped her lips with her tongue and Kate’s mouth opened to her. Nikki brushed the tip of her tongue against Kate’s before gently sliding into her mouth, tasting Kate. Both women moaned as they ran their arms around each other’s body. Nikki’s hands roamed across Kate exploring as they kissed wetly, slipping their tongues against one another’s. Kate was moving and sliding slippery against her, responding to everything she was doing. Kate ran her hands to Nikki’s breasts again and pulled and tweaked her nipples firmly. Nikki gasped quietly and moaned approval to what Kate was doing. Nikki ran her hands down to Kate’s butt cheeks and gave them a hard squeeze before running back up her back.

 “Do you know what you’ve done lil’ bitch?” Kate asked affectionately. You’ve made me so fucking horny I almost can’t stand it.” Kate also sounded more than a little sexually frustrated.

 “Let’s rinse off. I can take care of that.” Nikki grinned and pushed Kate down towards the water. They both dipped down into the water to rinse and when they came up Nikki pushed her over towards the rocks.

Nikki felt around in the water with her foot.

 “Put your left foot on this underwater rock and lean over slightly with your hands against the rock face here,” Nikki ordered. Kate gave her a needy look but did as she was told. Nikki wrapped herself around Kate, kissed her neck and shoulder and ran her hands across Kate’s breasts and slowly down her body. She wrapped her left arm around Kate’s waist and ran her right hand down to her pussy. She took her flat extended fingers and began rubbing her pussy in a circular motion but occasionally running two fingers down to between her legs and back up again. Kate was breathing hard, moaning and moving responsively with Nikki’s movements. She was on fire. “I’ve been wanting to do this with you Kate. You’re such a good girlfriend and you’re so pretty. I’ve fantasized about playing around with you. I just really want to make you come and feel good,” Nikki whispered.

 “You’re doing a really good job of it. Fuck. Go harder and faster Nikki and I’ll come. God - I’m close now.” Kate was tensing and moaning louder. Nikki sped up and moved her hand in a tighter circle. She could feel Kate’s body approaching orgasm.

 “Oh God, oh God, Nikki! Ahhhhhuu.” Kate tensed, went rigid, jerked and went weak in her arms. She felt the pure white intensity of her orgasms clench and release her body. They were stronger than usual, probably because she’d been more excited that a woman was bringing her off.

 Nikki kissed her neck and back as she held her up. “That was good babe. Let’s see if we can get a couple more for you.” She waited until Kate seemed like she could stand again, but this time she kept her right hand where it was but moved her left hand down and began fingering Kate’s slit. Nikki could feel Kate’s lubrication between her legs and she began slowly inserting her fingers into her cunt. Kate moaned again. Leave it to Nikki to still manage to ramp things up another level. Nikki stroked her slowly in and out as she began to firmly circle Kate’s clit with her right hand. Kate was moaning quietly with every thrust. It didn’t take long until Kate came again hard and Nikki felt her body clench her left hand in rhythmic contractions. Kate wasn’t holding herself off the rock now but was laying partially against it. Nikki stood up and wrapped her left arm across Kate’s chest, resting her hand on her breast to help hold her upright. She reached down and began massaging Kate’s pussy again.

 “You up for going for number 3?” Nikki whispered in her ear. All Kate could do was nod and mumble yes. As she worked on Kate, Nikki alternated stimulating Kate’s breasts but as her third orgasm approached Nikki just concentrated on holding her up. Kate moaned loudly as she came this time and was glad that Nikki was holding her upright as she went weak in her arms. “Oh God you do that well Nikki,” Kate said quietly as she smiled. As Kate recovered she turned around in Nikki’s arms and they began to kiss and caress one another again. After a little while Kate began to push Nikki towards the rocks where there was a flat outcropping.

 “It’s your turn now Nikki. Can you get out of the water onto this rock and sit on the edge so I can pleasure you now?”  Nikki nodded and smiled widely at Kate as she got up on the rock and spread her well-shaped legs. Kate was astonished to see that Nikki shaved there too; her wet silky pussy was hairless. A slight blush went across Nikki’s face as she explained, “Paulo gives good head but he doesn’t like to get hairs in his mouth so I keep it like this.” 

 Kate nodded, “That’s okay, you’re very sexy and soft.” Kate moved in closer and gently lapped across Nikki’s pussy with her tongue, tasting her slick saltiness. Nikki groaned and leaned back against the rocks and moved her hands over her own breasts.

 “Oh God Kate, I had no idea you’d do this.” Nikki caressed Kate’s wet hair.

 “Surprise, girlfriend!” Kate whispered as she came up for air. She teased her first, gently flicking her tongue across her clit before sliding down between the glistening lips. She pushed her tongue as far into Nikki as she could, stroking in and out as Nikki moaned encouragement. Next she moved back up to Nikki’s clit and began alternating her tongue between sucking and moving her tongue against her clit. 

 “Oh God, oh shit, damn Kate, so good!” Nikki clenched up and came in rhythmic contractions. Kate could taste her cum in her mouth now. Kate pulled back only slightly to watch Nikki’s face. Nikki looked so damn gorgeous when she came and Kate loved the fact she’d made her look that way. Nikki reminded Kate of her best friend in high school who she’d sexily played with many an afternoon after school before their mother’s got off from work.  Kate re-applied herself and got three more orgasms from Nikki. Nikki got louder with each orgasm. Kate wondered how far her groans of pleasure were carrying in the jungle.

 Nikki finally moved off the rock and slipped back down into the water to kiss Kate and hug her. “Damn Kate, you’re better than Paulo at oral sex. I had no idea you’d be so fabulous at this. Maybe you can give me some pointers about this next time. I’d be glad to reciprocate; I’m just not as experienced as you at this.”

 Kate smiled and ran her hand over Nikki’s face and caressed her lips slowly, tauntingly with her thumb, “Sure, that’s no problem Nikki. I’d be glad to teach you but you know we may have to practice a good bit for you to get really good at it.”

 Nikki smiled back devilishly, “As long as you’re willing to teach and practice with me I don’t think that’ll be a problem. After all, if your girlfriend won’t teach you, who will?”


Also posted at http://chissy-rose/livejournal.com/

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[icon] Teach Me Girlfriend (A Lost femslash fic) - For the Fans of Lost
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